MK8C Truss Press Brochure

The MiTek Mk8 is a versatile truss manufacturing press utilizing a movable ‘C’ clamp hydraulic press.

SR15 Strut-Runner Posi-Joist Press Brochure

A hydraulic Posi-Joist pressing system delivering 18 tonnes of force and featuring an electronic “teach” system programming the press to automatically repeat the pressing sequence.

MK1 Truss Press Brochure

Rugged, versatile and dependable, the Mark I press satisfies the needs of all truss fabricators.

Easy Cut 4 Four Blade Saw Brochure

The Easy-Cut 4 Saw is a power-assisted, manually set up component saw, where all axis positions are set up using push-button control and LCD read-outs at two control panels.